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Fluke Biomedical (USA), Raysafe (Sweden), Leeds Test Object (UK), Sun Nuclear (USA), Gammex (USA), Madgetech Inc ( USA), IBP Medical (Germany), CIRS Inc (USA), Mirion Technologies (France), Shielding International (USA), Kimo (France), Greisinger (Germany), BK Precision (USA), Pehamed (Germany).

Biomedical QA Tools

  1. Fluke Biomedical (USA) : Automated Safety & Perfomance Test System, Defibrillator & Transcutaneous Pacemaker Analyzers, Electrical Safety Analyzers, Electrosurgical Analyzers, Gas Flow Analyzers, Incubator Analyzers. Infusion Device Analyzers, Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Analyzers, Osciilloscope, Oxygen Analyzers, Patient Simulators, Phototherapy Radiometer, Pressure Meters / Parameter Testers, Pulse Oximeter Simulators
  2. Madgetech, Inc (USA) : Autoclaves, Ovens, ETO Sterilization, High Quality Data Logger for Validation or testing of Pasteurization, Pharmaceutical, Cold Chain, and Indoor air quality Environments
  3. IBP Medical (Germany) : Dialysis Reference Meter
Radiology and Imaging QA Tools
  1. CIRS Inc. (USA) : Tissue simulation and phantom for Diagnostic
  2. Raysafe (Sweden) : Diagnostic X-Ray Multimeters (Thin X, Raysafe Solo, Raysafe Xi, Raysafe X2), X-Ray Field Analyzer (DX-R), Survey sensor for Tube Leakage
  3. Leeds Test Objects (UK) : Comissioning X-Ray Test Objects , Imaging Quality Phantom
  4. Pehamed (Germany) : Densitometer and Sensitometer, Stepwedge
Radiotherapy QA Tools
  1. SUN Nuclear (USA) : Absolute and Relative Dosimetry , IMRT QA, VMAT QA, Linac Electrometer, 1D & 3D Water Tank Scanner
Radiation Detection and Protection Instruments
  1. Rotem Industries : Survey Meter and Radiation Monitoring System, Radiation Sensing System
  2. Mirion Technologies (France) : Personal Dosimeter and Survey Meter
  3. Shielding International (USA) : Aprons, Protective Eye Wear, Gloves, Thyroid Collar, Portable Shields
Air and Water Quality Analyzer
  1. KIMO (France) : Sound Level Meter, Thermo- Anemometer, Lux Meter, Tachometer, Flow Meter, Digital Infrared Thermometer, Flowmeter
  2. Greisinger (Germany) : Hygrothermobarometer, PH Meter, Precision Thermometer, Digital Conductivity Meter, Digital Infrared Thermometer
  3. Shortridge (USA) : Airflow Meter
Electronic Calibration and Testing Instruments
  1. BK Precision (USA) : Digital Storage Osciloscope, Digital Multi Meter, Function Generator
  2. Andilog Instruments (France) : Force mesurement, Test stands, Torque measurement, Torque gauges, Spring tests, Wire test and keyboard checks, Material strength, Packaging, Texture
  3. Sekonic : Hygrothermograph

PT. Quantum Inti Akurasi specializes in Biomedical, Radiology and HVAC/R Testing and Calibration instruments business. As part of our missions, we provide comprehensive application trainings to end users, product warranty and after-sales service and support for every single product procured through us or our dealers.
We hold several free technical seminars and on-hand demonstration in healthcare equipments testing and calibration as a contribution to Indonesian human-resource’s QA and calibration skill improvement, For such seminars, we work closely with technical experts from our principals and our customers such as hospitals.
Now, we have a Calibration Laboratory only for FLUKE Biomedical’s product, so the customer can calibrate they instruments locally.


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