BREAK THE FAST with employees of PT. Quantum Core Accuracy

The month of Ramadan always leaves beautiful stories, sheet after sheet of memories will make us drift in this atmosphere that is so longed for.
Open together is one of a beautiful series that illustrates the coming of Ramadan.

More than just eating a variety of dishes, open together is not just a mandatory routine when Ramadan arrives. Even though there is a missed meeting, share and finally enjoy breaking the fast menu together with family, friends, or relatives. Not this is actually the goal that should be of open together.

Stay in touch, answer the essence that I have captured from all the series of open events that I have participated in. And the month of Ramadan is the right moment for all of us to connect the ties of friendship through joint activities.

A few days ago after the announcement of the first fasting on May 17, at the same time a joint invitation was issued. Please wait until this sick there are already three events open together waiting. All of them came from old friends who tried to connect the friendship.

Well, hopefully opening together can be a way that will open the doors of satisfaction, so in this blessed month we can all get blessings.

So how do you break the fast with whom today?

See you next post huh ..

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