GFTB 200

Dim (L x W x H) 30 x 67 x 106 mm
Weight 130 g
Height 106 mm
Length 30 mm
Width 67 mm
Calibrated to

Manufacturer’s standards (no certificate)
Features Dew point/mould detector
Interfaces Serial interface
Humidity reading accuracy 2.5 RH
Accuracy ± °C 0.1 °C
Humidity reading range (max.) 100 RH
Humidity reading range (min.) 0 RH
Power supply 9 V battery (1x)
Max. temperature +70 °C
Min. temperature -25 °C
Product type Hygrometer


Precision hygrometer/thermometer GFTB 200

With the GFTB 200 seconds fast measurements of air pressure, air humidity and temperature. By using highly precise sensors, the devices achieve significantly better accuracy when compared to similar devices. The dew point temperature display of the GFTB 200 is also an effective protection against possible humidity caused by condensation in buildings and thus also to mold fungus attack. The integrated alarm function reminds the user on request also acoustically at a meaningful ventilation, which enables an optimum and effi cient use of heating energy is possible. By means of integrated interface and software EBS20M (optional). The device can be used as a mobile weather station with additional long-term recording Can be used. With the additional parameters such as the wet-bulb temperature, absolute humidity and moisture content in the air, the air-condition precisely and clearly. This text is machine translated.

Highlights & Details

  • High-precision humidity, temperature and air pressure measurement
  • Additional display of measured variables, such as dew point and absolute humidity
  • Min-/Max-value-memory
  • Very low power consumption (over 6500 operating hours)
  • This text is machine translated.


  • Additional display of measured variables, such as dew point and absolute humidity
  • Alarm function with built-in horn
  • PC interface
  • Auto off function


  • Battery
  • User manual.