M3G™ and M20P™ Hand-held Grain Moisture Analyzer

The DICKEY-john® M3G™ and M20P™ are portable moisture testers allowing for you to get moisture readings on-the-go. These lightweight units let you take grain moisture readings with a simple scoop from bin and hoppers —no cups or screw-on caps. Advanced DICKEY-john® technology lets you easily bias to match readings to local elevator tests and change grain type with the push of a button.

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M3G™ & M20P™ Features & Benefits:

  • Basic moisture testing
  • Test up to 3 grains (M3G™)
  • Store up to 20 grains (M20P™)
  • Pre-programmed calibrations for Corn, Soybeans, and Wheat (Additional calibrations are found in the M3G™ Product Support page on our website)

The M3G™ and M20P™ are not available in EU Countries due to not being RoHS Compliant.