Portable handheld luxmeter data logger for measuring illuminance, luminance, PAR, irradiance (across VIS-NIR, UVA, UVB and UVC spectral regions or measurement of irradiance effective according to the UV action curve).

In addition to instantaneous measurement, the instrument calculates the acquired measurements time integral Q(t). It stores up to 38,000 samples with a one-channel probe and up to 14,000 samples with combined probes. These data can be transferred from the instrument to a PC via the connection of the multi-standard RS232C serial port and USB 2.0.

Storing interval, printing and baud rate can be configured by using the menu. Storage of maximum, minimum, average value and the integral Q(t), RS232 C output for data transfer in real time to a PC or printer.


  • * with the latest firmware
  • Measures LED, HMI, Fluorescent, Tungsten, Natural Light and Flash, from 380 to 780nm
  • Wide measurement range of Color Temperature (1,563 to 100,000K) and illuminance (1 to 200,000lx in ambient light, 20 to 20,500lx・s in flash light)
  • Conforms to Class A of JIS C 1609-1: 2006, and DIN 5032 Part 7 Class C as Illuminance meter class
  • Text Mode with more measurement for Industrial use such as Tcp, ⊿uv, XYZ, λd, λp, Pe
  • Spectrum Mode / Spectrum Comparison Mode
  • PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) Measurement
  • Expanded Color Rendering Properties (CRI/CRI Comparison, SSI, TLCI, TLMF, TM-30-18) *
  • CIE1931 (CIE1964) Chromaticity Coodinates and CIE1931 (CIE1964) Comparison Mode
  • CIE1976 Chromaticity Coodinates and CIE1976 Comparison Mode
  • 2°or 10° field of view is selectable
  • Single / Continuous measurement *
  • Exposure time (Shutter speed) is selectable
  • Up to 999 measurements can be stored in memory
  • User-friendly design: 270 degrees swivel head, dark calibration without a cap, large 4.3” color touch panel LCD and Customize function
  • C-7000 Utility offers easy setting, updating firmware of the meter, and outputting the various graphics and csv data
  • 1nm / 5nm increment spectrum output in CSV format by Utility
  • SDK (Software Development Kit) for remote control is available