UPM DT 50SP – Ultrasound Power Meter

The most reliable and repeatable means of measuring ultrasound power is by the radiation force method. The transducer to be tested is centered above a 45° air-backed cone target in de-gassed water. The coupling is made to a precision balance capable of resolving ± 0.15 watts. When acoustic energy is applied to the cone, the resultant force is directly proportional to the total radiated power. The test tank is lined with sonic absorbent rubber to prevent acoustic reflection. The balance is programmed to convert milligram magnitude forces direct to a readout in watts with good resolution. Measurement accuracy of the power meter can be verified by placing a calibrated weight on the cone’s support arm.



Features for the USP50SP:

• Resolution: 50mW (150 mW in grams mode)
• Measurement range: 0 to 30 Watts
• Frequency range: .5 to 10mHZ
• Measures pulsed or continuous power
• Selectable readout in watts or grams
• Battery or line-powered
• Digital liquid crystal display
• Optional RS-232 or USB interface
• Automatic zeroing & stabilization
• Five point certification (NIST traceable)