WaterProof PROFILER™


WaterProof PROFILER™ is a linear detector array that simultaneously measures multiple points along a scan for annual validation and soft wedge commissioning — drastically reducing the time required to collect high quality beam profile data for any beam type.

WaterProof PROFILER drastically reduces the time required to collect high quality beam profile data for any beam type.

Accelerate Annuals
The WaterProof PROFILER attaches directly to 3D SCANNER™ in seconds, with no tools, warm-up, or external electrometer needed. Together, these tools significantly speed up annual scanning and QA for open and wedged fields.

Designed for High Accuracy & Speed
SunPoint® Diode Detectors provide the sharpest penumbra, with unmatched detector spacing, count and array length. All 127 detectors capture complete beam profiles instantly, with a fraction of the MUs needed when using a single detector. Oversampling can be used to further measurement accuracy.

Quick Calibrations
Calibration is completed in 5 minutes for relative measurements and is fully automated when combined with 3D SCANNER — no need to go in and out of the bunker.

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Device Specifications
Detector Type SunPoint®Diode Detectors
Quantity 127
Spacing (mm) 4
Overall Active Length (mm) 504
Active Volume (mm3) 0.019
Overall Accuracy (%/mm) 2.0/2.0 (with models)
Sensitivity (nC/Gy) 32
Vertical Scanning Range (mm) 340
Horizontal Scanning Range (mm) 659
Energy Range Co-60 to 25 MV
Max Dose/Pulse (cGy) 0.2
Inherent Buildup Depth (mm) 8.1
Physical Buildup Depth (mm) 5.8
Dimensions L/W/H (mm) 550/91/46
Weight (kg) 1.1
Cable Length (m) 1.17
Single Cable Connection Yes