Thousands of clinics use it. Linac manufacturers depend on it, too. Within minutes, IC PROFILER™ provides powerful, real-time beam performance data for linac acceptance, routine QA and more.

Monthly QA in Minutes
In a single, multi-purpose measurement you get constancy checks for output and beam quality – plus flatness, symmetry, field size and penumbra width. Completeness of results means more beam changes can be caught before they impact uptime, or patient safety.

Annual QA with Ease
IC PROFILER is the only 2D array proven to be water tank equivalent* — yielding highly accurate results and far more efficient workflows. When used with a 1D SCANNER™, IC PROFILER supports easy and comprehensive Annual QA.

Significantly Streamlined Beam Steering
IC PROFILER provides real-time feedback with a simple set-up that saves time.

Vetted by the Vendors
All major linac manufacturers rely on the IC PROFILER to streamline critical measurements during internal linac testing, on-site installation and service events.

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Device Specifications
Detector Type Parallel plate Ion Chamber
Detector Quantity 251 total; X Axis: 63; Y Axis: 65; -Diagonal: 63; +Diagonal: 63
Detector Spacing (mm) 5.0
Array Size (cm) 32.0 x 32.0
Detector Volume (cm3) 0.046
Detector Sensitivity (pC/cGy) 14.4
Inherent Buildup (g/cm2) 0.94
Inherent Backscatter (g/cm2) 2.3
Phantom Material PMMA (Acrylic) / PC
Weight (kg) 8.8