MapCHECK®3 is the gold standard for IMRT QA requiring large field measurements. It offers the highest detector density, highest sensitivity, and largest field size of 2D arrays. Plus, it’s uniquely TG 218-compliant.

Built for Pre-Treatment IMRT QA
SunPoint® 2 Diode Detectors placed uniformly throughout the array offer high sensitivity and proven stability in a large active field size (26 cm x 32 cm). A real-time electrometer measures every pulse with 50-millisecond updates.

Easy Comparison Features
Simply import the QA files from your TPS, and let SNC Patient™ software compare dose distribution from the plan file to actual measured values. Measured points outside of acceptance criteria are highlighted for high and low dose.

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Device Specifications
Detector Type SunPoint® 2 Diode Detectors
Detector Quantity 1,527
Field Size (cm) 26 x 32
Detector Spacing (mm) 7.07
Active Detector Area (mm x mm) 0.48 x 0.48
Active Detector Volume (mm3) 0.007
Detector Sensitivity (nC/Gy) 15
Sampling Frequency (ms) 50
Detector Stability 1%/kGy at 6 MV
Dose Rate Dependence ±1.5% over the range of 100 cGy/min to 1400 cGy/min
Inherent Buildup (g/cm2) 1.5
Inherent Backscatter (g/cm2) 2.3
Radiation Measured Photons: Co-60 to 25 MV
Number of Connection Cables Single power/data cable
Dimensions (L/W/H) 56.0 cm x 29.2 cm x 3 cm
Weight (kg) 5.6


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