SPIR-PACK™ Human Portable Radiation Detection and Identification System

The SPIR-Pack system is a backpack device which provides discrete search and identification of radiological and nuclear materials.




  • Dynamic nuclide identification
  • Discrete monitoring in public places and crowds
  • Hands-free operation
  • Identifies sources in shielded transportation containers
  • Mapping
  • Indicates the direction of a source in a crowded location
  • Durable cable-free design
  • Small, light, comfortable to carry
  • Remote supervision and radiological mapping with SpirVIEW Mobile™ software
  • Reachback (email with picture, comments and spectrum), file transfer



Mirion’s SPIR-Pack system is ideal for all applications requiring the efficient detection and identification of radiological and nuclear threats. Of primary importance, these applications include the protection of large public events, as well as providing superb capabilities for radiological/nuclear interdiction.

The SPIR-Pack backpack is lightweight, comfortable to carry, and durable, with a long battery life for extended field operations. The SPIR-Pack system includes sensitive detectors that connect to a smartphone. Because it alarms only in presence of radioactive sources (not on background variations), the smartphone can simply stay in the user’s pocket (or other carrying accessory) until vibration and/or audible alarm indicates the presence of a source. The full-featured smartphone app provides dose rate, nuclide identification and an innovative Radar screen to indicate the direction of radioactive sources returned. Users also appreciate the fact that the SPIR-Pack system uses the same app as the SPIR-Ace™ device, greatly simplifying training and making it easy for users to operate both instruments.

The SPIR-Pack system also provides outstanding radiation mapping capabilities – for an individual SPIR-Pack unit this is displayed via smartphone while a fleet of SPIR-Pack units (and other instruments in the SPIR family) can be remotely monitored using the SpirVIEW Mobile supervision software for complete situational awareness.