PDS-100GN-ID™ Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detector (SPRD)

The same large detector as the PDS-100G™ detector, but with isotope identification capabilities.




  • Small, rugged, compact, user-friendly
  • High sensitivity and fast response time
  • Embedded identification, automated & manual mode
  • Visual, audio and vibration alarms
  • Wireless communication interface
  • Detection; search; identification mode
  • Source indication alarm and danger alarm
  • Easy-to-read display (OLED technology)
  • 100 512 ch/50 1024 ch. spectra and >1000 events
  • IRDA and Bluetooth technology communication


The PDS-100G/ID and PDS-100GN/ID instruments are sensitive pocket-sized devices are designed to detect, locate, quantify and identify radioactive sources. They are able to discriminate between, Naturally Occuring Radioactive Material (NORM), main medical isotopes against industrial sources or Special Nuclear Materials on the spot. High sensitivity provides better spectra in a shorter time. Isotopes list is displayed and spectra are retained in memory for transfer and analysis on a computer.