HANDFOOT-FIBRE Hand and Foot Monitor

Efficiently and safely allow staff to pass among threat zones with a hand-foot contamination monitor. Explore all the benefits of a Mirion contamination monitor here.



  • Automated: monitors operate seamlessly without the need for “supervising” HP personnel
  • Fast: less than ten seconds of measurement provides complete details to clear the worker
  • Accurate: outstanding alarm thresholds are achievable also in challenging environments
  • Convenient: measurements are logged for later retrieval, maintenance and calibration is quick and easy, configurations can be automatically loaded for easy replication
  • Self-diagnostic: monitors continually check themselves for detector damage, power issues, background fluctuations, etc.
  • Mobile: thanks to attached wheels and lightweight, the monitors can be easily moved


The HandFoot-Fibre monitors are used for contamination screening of hands, feet and clothes for alpha, beta and gamma radiation in circumstances which do not require a full body monitor. The monitors are also well-suited for mobile contamination screening.


  • HandFoot-Fibre™ XL with alpha and beta sensitive RFD485 fibre detectors for the use in all nuclear environments.

  • HandFoot-Fibre™ A+ with RFD485 A+ detectors, featuring a discrimination of alpha and beta radiation.

  • HandFoot-Fibre™ MED featuring HybridFibre™ detectors, which are sensitive to alpha, beta and gamma radiation and particularly well suited for medical applications.

    The monitor’s eight detectors are based on the state-of-the-art Mirion fibre detector technology and are connected to a single advanced photomultiplier box resulting in an outstanding measurement sensitivity and uniformity – for a fast and reliable measurement process even in conditions with high and fluctuating background.