RDS-31™ Modular Radiation Survey Meter

The RDS-31 meter is a versatile radiation detector and survey meter with a range of external probes that provide extended functionality. Explore applications and features here.




  • H*(10) ambient dose equivalent dose and dose rate
  • Range of external smart alpha, beta and gamma probes for direct connection with a RDS-31 meter
  • Large graphic screen, configurable backlight with automatic illumination control
  • Audible buzzer and tactile vibration alarms
  • High impact durable case construction, IP-67 immersion proof
  • Internal memory to store measurements
  • Optional WRM2™ radio for wireless remote monitoring


The RDS-31 device is a compact GM tubed-based handheld gamma radiation detector. The RDS-31 meter is complemented by a full line of external probes to detect alpha and beta radiation. Its versatile functions and durability make it suited for a wide range of applications.