RTM911 Truck and Car Monitors

Various configurations are available to match the requirements of different customers. Large-area gamma plastic
scintillation detectors (RPD) are used in Mirion truck monitors. The detectors are equipped with a photomultiplier and
detector electronics with respective signal processing.



  • Compatible with existing AN/PDR-77™ probes
  • Designed to meet requirements of Mil-STD-810
  • Outstanding linearity over a wide dynamic range
  • Can be operated and read while wearing fire or hazmat protective clothing
  • Waterproof to 1m (3 ft)
  • Background Subtract feature
  • Electronic filter to reduce fluctuations in readings
  • Built-in RS-232 interface
  • Lowest life cycle costs due to calibration stability and semi automatic self calibration


The Mirion truck monitors are flexible and versatile measurement systems for around-the-clock
monitoring of vehicles, packages and people for
radioactive materials.
Mirion truck monitors have been tested and proven
of value in many applications of most variable functionalities – from nuclear facilities to harbour systems and steel plants. They are designed to meet
the demanding requirements of border control and
other points of entry to a territory.
The combination of modern technologies, traditional know-how in the manufacturing of radiation
monitors, and close customer relationships makes
Mirion and its truck monitor systems a reliable partner.